How To Sprint Into Real Estate Success

If you are thinking of transitioning into a real estate career, don't think move, think sprint - Usain Bolt sprint. Read on to discover my 10 key tips to early success.


Regardless of your experience in other professions you will be regarded as a "Newby", "Greenhorn", "Freshy" to the real estate industry when you enter. It is imperative to tool yourself up and have the right frame of mind that sets you apart from any other agent you may be competing against.

For me it was a carefully orchestrated attack on an industry that had many negative stigmas attached to its professionals than most other sales related roles. I knew I had to create a point of difference and provide a service that would ultimately result in quick repeat and referral business. Yet this could only be achieved in the right environment.

First things first...

I knew that I must complete all my training and have a thorough understanding of all legal aspects, processes and what was general practice in the real estate industry. Then I drew upon my competitive experience and highly driven nature to step outside the norm and figure how I could launch out of the blocks quicker than Usain.

During my training I studied other agents and learnt from their mistakes and listened to the purchasers comments throughout open inspections. I quizzed vendors on what they wanted in an agent, then I simply acted on it and went beyond the expectations of what a real estate professional was ideally meant to be. I  let my passion and enthusiasm to help others drive me to the point that finally when I went in for a listing presentation the vendors would leave with all their questions answered and excited to move forward, while my energy would still be overflowing. 

When looking for a position and office to work I set myself some key criteria to ultimately allow me to spend time with the girls. All interviews I went for began with them interviewing me. By the end, and they didn't realize it, it was myself interviewing them. In this day and age it is extremely easy to find out a persons profile and history. If they had done their research they would have had more faith in my ability to achieve quickly and push through extremely tough barriers. LJ Hooker Walkerville, my Principal Jarrad Boffo,  offered me that chance to prove myself, but more to the point prove all others wrong. 

The 10 key things that established my early success were:

  1. Never look back and ask why am I doing this - go hard the first 3 months and push beyond all your boundaries
  2. Keep everything simple
  3. Be honest and open yourself up to be human
  4. Prospecting is non negotiable; connected calls and say hellos must be completed every day
  5. Practice, practice, practice scripts and dialogues until it sounds natural
  6. Follow up every lead - any one you meet is a potential client for life
  7. Over service, to the clients have no choice to say "You are the best agent, your communication and service are second to none"
  8. Do exactly what you say you are going to do and usually before you say when you are going to do it 
  9. Discipline, structure, dedication, belief, passion, energy, humbleness and ability to acknowledge when you are wrong and learn from your and others mistakes are the key characteristics you must embrace.
  10. Finally set yourself an ideal week: firstly put in your personal life then base the  rest around your quarterly KPI's and do not deviate. Make sure you achieve above and beyond every KPI.

This should give you a general insight to how I sprinted past greenhorn status to peoples agent of choice within 5 months.

Hope you all tune in for what has allowed me to maintain my success - "Balance between Personal and Work Life",which was a must considering the significant change in my profession from marine biologist to real estate agent.

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