How I Changed Careers from a Marine Biologist to a Real Estate Agent

Three years ago I took a drastic change in career from a Marine Biologist to become a real estate agent at LJ Hooker Walkerville. Most people I tell my story to say "Wow, what a big change. Why would you step into real estate when you have such an amazing profession as a marine biologist?"

The simple reason is also the most important; the two most beautiful little people in my life, Kashalia Anne and Taylor Louise.

In 2012 I made a decision that impacted many lives, but for the better of my health and more importantly, to be the best mum possible. I chose to become a single mum of two. Unfortunately this decision also meant that I could no longer practice full time as a marine biologist as you cannot be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and work up to 20 hour days when there are two amazing little people relying on you.

I took a break from a professional business life for a year and the girls and I moved from Port Lincoln, South Australia to Adelaide. Here we took the time to settle in, discover each other again and I casually worked in hospitality to keep a roof over our head and food on the table. I still contracted to the odd consulting job for both private and public enterprises in Australia and Indonesia for aquaculture and marine biology, but this was to just keep the finger in my ocean pie.

After some serious discussions with some trusted business people we came to a unanimous decision that the best profession that offered the opportunity to earn good money, provide flexibility to spend quality time with my girls and be the best mum possible was Real Estate. With my marketing background and ability to communicate openly (only as country girls do), with a variety of cultures and genres of people, add in my energy, extremely high competitive nature and disciplined structure it was the perfect combination to ultimately result in a successful real estate career.

Some would say these professions are opposite, however there are only a few minor differences between marine biology/aquaculture and real estate. One is fish and water, the other is houses. Both professions regardless require the same characteristics for you to be successful and simplistically one you need to keep fish alive, the other relationships.

I will always have a passion and love for the ocean, marine biology and aquaculture and may just very well go back one day, but for now I am loving the decision to move into the real estate world as it has already offered the girls and I amazing opportunities that we could only have dreamed of.

Stay tuned as I would like to share my fast track journey into and through this industry, guide those looking to enter as a profession and provide tips to vendors, purchasers and investors from my experience and the feedback my clients give me.

If you are considering a change of career follow my tips on things that helped me to be successful regardless if I am dealing with fish or people!

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