My 5 Tips On How To Maintain Discipline & Structure

Simplistically, success in real estate is self discipline and structure. Like a professional athlete to achieve glory honestly, yes it takes hard work, but most importantly without total self discipline and strict formatted structure, those podium finishes are not possible. Follow my 5 tips on maintaining discipline and structure to be your best.

You do not necessarily have to be the Olympic, Commonwealth or World Champion Pole Vaulter like my coach, Dmitri Markov, you may just want to be a champion in your personal life, business or industry. Regardless of how high your intentions these are the 5 tips I have found that have allowed me to reach my personal and business goals.

My 5 Tips On How To Maintain Discipline & Structure

  1. Understand your why and remind yourself constantly of your why. If you understand this why it is the thing that truly makes you happy. My why is my girls, Kashalia and Taylor. Every time I hit a brick wall and deviate from my structure and routine I remember the very reason I have made certain life decisions these last few years and have chosen the professional path in real estate. To provide an unconditional caring and  loving environment for them, where by they can grow up to healthy, well educated young ladies and be proud of who they are, irrespective of what society says.
  2. Set an ideal week based on your personal and business goals. I have a spreadsheet where by I have put all my personal time in and then structured my business hours based on the intentions I have set for gross income. I read this numerous times per day and have it sitting in front of my computer and in my goal book to remind me to stay on track.
  3. Make your self accountable to not only yourself, but your family and colleagues. I promise my daughters specific time I spend with them each week and things we are going to do. Let's put it this way, children are the best at making you accountable. If you truly love them, they know how to express disappointment better than any one else if you do not meet their expectations. Freely express you goals and intentions with your family and get them to check on your progress with life goals. You should be accountable to your colleagues every week with your KPI's and team intentions, this should always be conducted in a weekly staff meeting.
  4. Celebrate your success. With strict discipline and structure it is very rare for there not to be success in what you are striving for at the end. Make sure you celebrate it and allow yourself to enjoy the moment as that is the ultimate reward for your hard work. If you don't you will burn out. It is important to come back to your true why, or you will resent the hard work you have put in.
  5. Blow Out Day. Remember you are human, a complex, emotional being that is not perfect. If we were able to maintain strict discipline and structure 24 hours a day, 7 days per week we would either be classified as robots or alien. Allow yourself a day of imperfection every now and then. I generally have one every 3 months. This is where I drop my professional guard and socialise with select friends that allow me to express myself and have what I like to call my "Blow Out Day". The next day the questions I ask myself and the clarity I have in where I am heading is amazing, just for the simple fact that I have let go of perfection. I instantly become a better mother, cousin, niece, friend, colleague and professional business person. I am human again.

These 5 tips of how to maintain discipline and structure should also give you a general insight to how I sprinted into real estate success.

Hope you all tune in for what has allowed me to maintain my success - "Balance between Personal and Work Life",which was a must considering the significant change in my profession from marine biologist to real estate agent.

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