Asef Hussaini - Welcome to Real Estate and Bring on Those Life Changing Goals

Asef Hussaini - Ray White SA Metro Sales Associate

Asef Hussaini - Ray White SA Metro Sales Associate

I would formally like to welcome Asef Hussaini to my team or probably more appropriately, my family. To become a sales associate/personal assistant to myself, you not only take on a general PA role, but have to learn to incorporate my girls, community and charity involvement and next generation real estate processes.

Asef is genuinely a delightful young gentleman that only completed his training to enter the real estate industry in March. With no previous experience at all in real estate apart from living in his parents and sister's home, what Asef brings to my team are qualities that cannot be taught. His willingness to learn, enthusiasm and energy, morals, ethics, logic, common sense and a work ethic that may only be second to myself are all going to make Asef one agent to watch out for over the next few years. 

Asef has set some big goals and they directly align with my success in fulfilling my own. Therefore not only is he making himself accountable to my girls and I, but I am to him, as if one of does not hit our targets, then we both miss out. Dreams - Goals - Action - Realty - Fulfilled

Asef has a wonderful life story and once he has settled into his new role I am sure in time he will grant me an interview that will astound you all. But for now, welcome Asef and I sincerely look forward to helping you and your family achieve those goals. It will be tough going to begin, but the rewards at the end will be worth every bit of hard work put in.